Blackberry crowned least wanted in smartphone survey

Blackberry is like the little engine that could, chugging along but mostly unloved, according to a survey that asked consumers which smartphone they would never use, listing Blackberry, Android, and iPhone as the three options. Unfortunately for the company formerly known as RIM, Blackberry was the runaway winner (loser?), with over 70-percent of respondents saying they'll never use it.

The survey was conducted by Raymond James, which also included some other questions, such as which features were most likely to make them buy a new smartphone among the three options, such as a low price or big display. Sometimes there isn't any feature that is grand enough to lure consumers to certain products, however, and so another option was included: the ability to choose which phone the consumer will never use.

Apple's iPhone came out on top (or bottom, depending on your perspective) with only 19.7-percent of the respondents saying they would never use the handset. Next up was Android, which had a slight rise over the iPhone at 31.3-percent of those who took the survey saying they'll never use it. And then, finally, there's Blackberry, with 71.4-percent saying they won't ever give the platform a shot.

The results pretty strongly reflect the data that has been published on the smartphone market over past months, which is very strongly dominated by Apple and Google, with Blackberry squeezing in with a small percentage in global phone shipments. Regardless, however, the survey is an intriguing reversal on the type of questions typically asked, and gives us an inverse look at the sides consumers have taken on the mobile device playground.

[via AllThingsD]