BlackBerry Bold 9900 Expected for September launch

The BlackBerry OS has stabilized a bit according to the latest numbers from Nielsen and if you are a fan that hoped for a new handset to bring the BlackBerry back to popularity you will need to wait a while. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 has been tipped to launch in September. Another new BlackBerry device called the Torch 2 turned up on video recently and its launch date is unknown at this time. The Bold 9900 had previously been pegged for a Summer launch date.

I guess there could be a case built that September is still summer, but most of us think of that month as the start of fall in the US. BGR reports that the September launch has been confirmed with multiple sources. The official announcement that the Bold 9900 would be launched in the "summer" came during the Wireless Enterprise Symposium. I am sure there were a bunch of RIM fans that were hoping summer meant really soon.

BGR also notes that it has been told that RIM may have one more major OS release in the works ahead of the launch of the QNX phones. The Torch that showed up on video was running BlackBerry OS 7.0. The other OS version coming before the QNX devices is thought to be 7.5.

[via BGR]