Blackberry Analytics SDK 0.9 Beta Release

Research In Motion just dropped a Beta version of an Analytics package for Blackberry Developers. This new SDK is going to add a number of features, behind-the-scenes. Developers can now analyze how users are actually using their apps statistically. This system allows developers to tailor their apps to their userbase over time based on a range of information collected. The SDK includes a web portal to help developers organize and view the information so they can make their design decisions with the actual user data in mind.

This is a very flexible package for developers. Devs are going to have access to basic analytics such as the number of times the users open and close the application, screen views, carriers, device models, and usage time. All of this is automatically provided in the basic implementation. This basic data gives developers the ability to plan their patches to focus on a real picture of their user base. The SDK gives developers the ability to track data on everything from media playback to custom triggers. With all of this data the developers can specifically track the way that users interact with their software. The SDK gives them a realtime look into the habits of their users.

What does this mean for the users? The Blackberry Apps that we know and love are only going to get better. Get at it Devs! Let's see what you can do!

Grab more info on how you can participate in the Beta here: DevLog.

[via Inside Blackberry Developers Blog]