BlackBerry 9630 Niagara stars in photos & video

More BlackBerry 9630 Niagara leaks this weekend, with two sets of photos and even a video of the unconfirmed RIM smartphone.  The CDMA handset not only shows its backside – complete with "Qualcomm 3G CDMA" legend – but powers-up for a quick shot of the RIM OS.Video & more photos after the cut

The removable part of the back panel seems to have slimmed down, suggesting a new battery shape, though without seeing the panel removed it's tricky to tell anything conclusively.  According to the video, the 9630 Niagara is running OS (compared to OS 4.6 as you'd find on the current BlackBerry Bold) and the keys are a little smaller than the Bold's but "very likable" all the same.

One handset appeared on Craigslist with an $800 price tag.  We'd recommend waiting for a more official release, however: the 9630 shown in the video can't even boot up properly, suggesting there's still some work to do on the software.

[via Boy Genius Report]