BlackBerry 10 Netflix app: not any time soon

Sad news for both Blackberry 10 users and Blackberry alike. It turns out that Netflix has no intentions of releasing its mobile app for Blackberry 10 devices any time soon. This is bad for Blackberry 10, who needs a great app base in order to covert customers from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It was already bad enough when Instagram stated it had no intentions of developing its app for Blackberry 10 either.

Netflix didn't say exactly why they weren't planning on developing an app for Blackberry 10, but sources have told All Things D that its because Blackberry 10 doesn't have a big enough user base. Without a huge user base like Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone, Netflix wouldn't receive a lot of returned benefits from its app on Blackberry, so it decided to forgo the developing costs of creating the app.

Things may change in the future when Blackberry 10 starts attracting more and more users. Netflix didn't say they were never going to work with Blackberry 10. It's just following Instagram's footsteps and is waiting the situation out. Though if those two companies partnered up with Blackberry 10, wouldn't it be enticing enough to attract many users over to the developing platform? Perhaps developing their apps would prove to be a win-win situation.

Even without Netflix and Instagram, Blackberry 10 still has a decent amount of popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype to hold it over. It has a catalog of over 70,000 apps, 40% which is comprised of Android apps, and the list will keep growing. Sooner or later, Netflix and Instagram will join in on the fun. Alex Kinsella, a spokesman for Blackberry, is hoping for the former however. He says, "We hope they choose to bring a Blackberry 10 experience to their customers. We'd love to have them."

[via All Things D]