BlackBerry 10 gets 15,000 app submissions in 36 hours

BlackBerry 10 is only a half-month away from launching, and RIM just recently hosted two Port-a-Thon events to encourage developers to submit their games and apps for BlackBerry 10, while offering $100 for any app approved to the store. Naturally, the $100 incentive seemed to work, since 15,000 apps were submitted over the course of just over 36 hours.

Vice President of Director Relations Alec Saunders tweeted the news earlier this morning. And while developers would be given $100 for every approved app, BlackBerry 10 hardware was also being offered. The first developers submitting between two and five approved apps were promised a free PlayBook, while those writing more than five approved apps were entered into a random drawing to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

However, it's essential to note that it's highly unlikely that every app submitted will be approved for the store, but the company needs as many submissions as possible if they hope for a successful launch. Then again, it would be ignorant to assume the success or failure of a platform based solely on the number of apps available, which is why the devices and the OS themselves need be solid as well.

On average during those 36 hours, there were 405 apps submitted every hour, and if RIM ended up approving all 15,000 apps (unlikely), they would be paying out a whopping $1.5 million to developers, not counting all the hardware that they'll be handing out. RIM is definitely putting their time and resources into this new platform, but let's just hope it works for them.