Black Nintendo Wii Shows up Early in Canadian Best Buy

It must be May 9th, right? Surely it is, because that's the only reason we'd be seeing a fully boxed, still shiny, Nintendo Wii in black at a retail store, right? Well, unless you're a devilish employee who likes to send out leaked, early shots of said items, then we'd probably have a situation like we do right here. As you can see, that's definitely the black Nintendo Wii, and it's finally –finally– showing up in North American retail stores.

As the title suggests, this guy right here, pictured above, was photographed in a Best Buy somewhere in Canada. As you can see, it definitely features the things we spoke about earlier: a copy of Wii Sports, plus Wii Sports Resort, and a bonus Wii Motion Plus attachment for your enjoyment. Oh, and it comes in black, just in case you couldn't tell.

As you can see from the couple of green stickers in the picture, this particular Best Buy (and every other Best Buy like it, we imagine), isn't supposed to sell this new console until 05/09/10, but we imagine that some sly individual out there may be able to get their hands on one early. After all, if you beg and plead enough, anything's possible, right?

[via Engadget]