Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is Netflix's first interactive movie for adults

As many had suspected, Netflix's surprise Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie is an interactive feature film designed for adults. Though it's not the first interactive video Netflix has released, previous choose-your-own-adventure offerings have been targeted at children. The surprise Black Mirror movie is different, but not all devices can stream it.

News of the movie first appeared briefly when Netflix shared a list of current and upcoming movies to be released in December. A movie called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was included in the image, but it was quickly deleted without additional details.

In recent days, a Netflix user discovered a barren Netflix page for a movie by the same name, but it had listed a run time of around five hours and provided no details, not even a trailer. This fueled speculation that not only was a Black Mirror movie about to drop, but that it may be of the interactive variety.

Netflix's interactive shows are a sort of video-based "Choose your own adventure" story where users are prompted to choose what happens next at key points in the content. Each plot point the user chooses will lead them to a different conclusion, meaning they can watch the show multiple times and enjoy different endings for each of them.

Rumors about a Netflix interactive movie for adults circulated for months, but it was never clear whether the company would proceed with the plan, nor when it may release that fabled content. The sudden launch has been a pleasant surprise, but not all subscribers can enjoy the content.

Some older smart TVs, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV devices aren't able to stream the new Black Mirror movie due to technical requirements involved with the interactive content. Despite that, most subscribers are likely to have some device that supports the content.

Subscribers can watch the movie here.