Bizarre Steve Jobs sculpture covered in resin made of Jobs' trash

Since Apple CEO Steve Jobs tragically passed away at an early age, we've seen more than a few Steve Jobs action figures surface and then get stomped back into the depths by Apple legal ninjas. The latest try at creating a Steve Jobs sculpture comes from an artist named XVALA. The artist has created a sculpture of Jobs wearing his trademark turtleneck and jeans.

The sculpture shows Jobs with an iPhone in his hand, and was made using the M.I.C. Gadget's Steve Jobs action figure that was discontinued. Apple's legal team made it clear the action figure project wasn't to continue back in 2010. The sculpture is being displayed in a gallery called Cory Allen Contemporary Art. Allen says that production of the sculpture will continue with or without Apple approval.

The action figure is coated in an "Apple White finish" and is cast in a patented plastic porcelain mixture. Part of the plastic porcelain mix includes a recycled resin made up of Steve Jobs' trash from his home. The artist says he collected the trash from Jobs' home several months before his death.

The artist will also offer a limited-edition series coded in a color called Apple Black to serve as a motif to bring attention to the past suicides to the Foxconn factory. I seriously doubt any of these sculptures are ever sold. Apple's legal team is going to be all over this. If history is any indication, when it comes to action figures or sculptures of the late Steve Jobs, Apple doesn't tolerate this sort of thing.