Bixby button remapping won’t be limited to Galaxy S10

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 21, 2019, 5:31 pm CDT
Bixby button remapping won’t be limited to Galaxy S10

Samsung introduced a new controversial feature with its Galaxy S8 phone: the dedicated Bixby button. Many users weren’t happy about the feature, complaining that it would accidentally trigger Bixby or that it was useless without the option to remap it to a different app. Samsung will soon officially provide the option to assign the Bixby button to a different app, and the feature won’t just be limited to S10 devices.

Samsung confirmed yesterday following its S10 announcement that it would allow device owners to remap the S10’s Bixby button to different apps, a new degree of freedom not previously available on its phones (without third-party solutions, at least). Samsung has confirmed that the feature won’t be limited to just the new S10 handsets, however.

Bixby button mapping will be made possible via the new Bixby Key Customization feature introduced with the S10. Users will have the option to launch the Bixby assistant with either a single or double press. The second option — whichever isn’t assigned to Bixby — can be assigned to a Quick command or a different app.

Previously released Galaxy flagship phones that are Bixby-enabled and running Android Pie will also get Bixby Key Customization. SlashGear understands that the Bixby Key Customization will be added to the Galaxy S10 with a future software update, though Samsung has not confirmed when it will be released.

The new Galaxy S10 product line is now available to pre-order in the US through all major carriers, and the device will be available in stores starting on March 8. The devices bring a fresh new look and a number of improvement, as well as the Bixby assistant. Samsung is touting a number of Bixby abilities alongside its new phones, including Bixby Routines, Bixby Vision, and and Voice Unlock.

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