BitTorrent site Boxopus blocked from Dropbox APIs

Law enforcement, Hollywood, and music companies are all waging war on anyone they think may have something to do with digital piracy. Much of the focus over piracy is being placed on BitTorrent sites and on cloud-based storage sites. So far, cloud storage site Dropbox has managed to stay pretty much out of the piracy line of fire, and it wants to stay that way.

A new BitTorrent startup called Boxopus to set up shop in hoped to access the Dropbox API to allow users of the service to store files and information on the Dropbox cloud. However, before Boxopus really got started, Dropbox crushed the site by blocking access to its API over fear of being associated with piracy according to reports.

The site was blocked from accessing the Dropbox APIs after it quickly racked up more than 50,000 users. The gang at Boxopus received notification from Dropbox that some features could be "perceived as encouraging users to violate copyright" and therefore, the apps access to the API was terminated. The Boxopus team says that the termination of the API access cost them $30,000 in development costs. Dropbox had approved an alpha version of Boxopus previously.

[via TorrentFreak]