BitTorrent Saves The Day For Evil Doer

In one of the more recent issues of a Fantastic Four comic, there was a villain named Klaw. This particular villain has a device that utilizes sound to create physical objects, including himself in some weird turn of events.

In the story, someone else steals his power essentially ridding himself of his own existence. Well one of his fellow evil doers wasn't to keen on Klaw's absence so he did something about it.

He hopped on the internet and used BitTorrent to download some sound samples to bring Klaw back to life. Take that RIAA and MPAA, even comic book characters know how to circumvent copyrights. Sadly for the comic book creators, this hasn't lead to an increase in revenue from all of the BitTorrent users running out and buying it, instead they are all just downloading it, without paying for it, go figure.

BitTorrent Brings Evil Villain Back from the Dead [via TorrentFreak]