BitTorrent Paygate swings open for premium content bundles

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file distribution network that has a reputation as a place where people go to share files illegally. The people behind BitTorrent are trying to change that and are doing so by trying to lure artists to a new paygate premium service that will give artists the lion's share of profits from the content they sell.

The cut for artists and content creators using the paygate service is 90%. The paygate model that is being used is flexible giving artists the ability to offer some content for free while offering some behind a paywall. Artists can also choose to have their content move behind a pay wall after so many visits are made to the content.

One of the first Paygate bundles comes from artist Diplo for the celebrating of the tenth anniversary of his first album. The special deal will give fans a $5 paygate bundle that includes the full album and new unreleased content.

The Paygate model at BitTorrent is open to any artist, but the bundles are going live in batches. That means an artist that signs up today won't necessarily be selling content today. The publisher is also responsible for a payment-processing fee, which is typically under 5%, in addition to the 10% cut according to BitTorrent officials.

SOURCE: TechCrunch