Bitcoin scores Bloomberg ticker following US court ruling

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that Bitcoin is a currency and is subject to regulation in the US following charges filed against an alleged scammer by the SEC. As of today (though not related), there is now a Bitcoin ticker on the Bloomberg terminal. For now the ticker is only available internally to workers, but such a reality gives the global virtual currency a kind of legitimacy on the public level it hasn't before had.

The information comes from the folks over at BTC Geek, which says the tip first originated from an accidental eavesdropping – someone overhead a Bloomberg employee state that there's a Bitcoin ticker at Satoshi Square a couple weeks ago. Such a tip led to some investigative work, and BTC Geek says it has confirmed that the tip is true.

The employees are reportedly seeing the currency as XBT, but customers can't yet see it. The reason for this isn't known, with some speculating that it could be due to testing purposes. It isn't known when the currency will go live for Bloomberg customers, either. What is known is that Bitcoin has been gaining public attention, and that such a move could propel it forward substantially.

In July, it was announced that Bitcoin ATMs will be coming to the public allowing individuals to access their Bitcoin accounts and insert local currency for the virtual currency. More than 200 countries will have their currency supported, and if all goes as planned the devices will be available starting this quarter. The ATMs themselves are small and simple, able to be placed on a table top, for example.