BitBite smart earbud monitors your eating habits

If you've gotten your fill of health-tracking wristbands and jewelry and are wondering what else you can monitor, there's the BitBite, a smart earbud of sorts that keeps track of your eating habits and lets you know when you need to lay off the midnight snacks or boost the size of your lunch. It does this by tracking chewing, and tosses in things like voice recognition, which allows the user to say what they're eating for it to be properly logged in the related app.

BitBite is like a tiny personal nutritionist keeping track of every bite that you take — literally. These bites are tracked, as well as the data they reveal concerning things like snack habits and meal size. If you often under-eat for breakfast and overindulge in the afternoon, for example, it will demonstrate this in the app.

The app shows all sorts of information: calories, macronutrients, one's average bite speed, the composition of their diet, and suggestions for your eating habits like "Try slowing down." The device itself features a microphone and speaker, and works with both a clip and wristband accessories.

BitBite is being funded through Indiegogo, where it is seeking $60,000 USD and currently sitting at $42,721 USD in pledges. There are 24 days remaining in the campaign, which is offering a single BitBite unit with a charger, clip and related app for $109 USD.

SOURCE: Digital Trends