Bitbanger Labs promises cheap device for lucid dreams

In a world where everyone comes from a different walk of life and has different tastes in everything, one thing that pretty much every single person can agree on is that having a lucid dream is one of the greatest experiences in life. To know you're in a dream and can do whatever you want with no consequences is awesome no matter who you are. Now, a company based in Brooklyn, New York has developed a solution it says can be put to mass market and is better than any other solution available right now.

First of all, I had no clue that there were already products on the market that claimed to offer lucid dream induction. The most popular is the NovaDreamer, which costs several hundred dollars. There are a couple knockoffs that also cost a few hundred dollars, but they all have the same complaint – the mask that you have to wear around your head is bulky and uncomfortable. This new contraption, currently known as the Remee, uses the same basic idea as the others but claims to be less bulky.

Here's how it works – you tell the mask how long you want to sleep. Set it right before you hit the hay, and when the mask thinks you're in the deep REM sleep state, it will flash a series of red lights that will create weird anomalies in your dreams. If you can condition yourself to recognize when that happens, says Bitbanger Labs, you can achieve lucid dreams more frequently. The company is currently looking for funding from Kickstarter. How much would you pay for lucid dreaming?

[via VentureBeat]