Birdi, the smart air quality detector, now up for pre-order

Nate Swanner - May 12, 2014
Birdi, the smart air quality detector, now up for pre-order

There are several connected smoke detectors on the market, offering various tricks to entice you to connect your home. Birdi takes the concept a step further, offering a truly connected experience and advanced air monitoring. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, the air quality detector is now open for pre-orders.


While a connected smoke detector sounds like a ho-hum idea, Birdi offers quite a bit more, and alerts you in a more reserved way. The air quality monitor offers up stats on pollen in the home in addition to the carbon monoxide and smoke detection we see elsewhere. Birdi also promises stats on pollution, humidity, staleness of the air in your home, or if the air is heavy in particulates.

Birdi also takes alerts to your smartphone, pushing an alert rather than sounding that pervasive siren. Alerts are also sent to emergency services when needed, and can work with landlines to alert anyone. It can also alert you to other issues, keeping you connected when you really need it:

If your neighbor’s house is in trouble, you probably need to know. Birdi let’s everyone on the block know if there’s an emergency. Have an Airbnb guest? It’s probably best that they’re kept in the loop. Let’s not forget about grandma either. It’ll call her on her landline, and send you a notification that something is wrong. And if there’s a natural disaster on its way like a tornado, flood, or earthquake, your Birdi will signal you. It’s not just about fire anymore.

Birdi will also send you batteries ahead of time if needed, but the IndieGoGo notes they take simple AA batteries. It’s about the same circumference as the smoke alarm you’re about to look at after reading this, but checks in quite a bit slimmer. Big things in a smaller package, the Birdi is listed at $119.99 for a single unit, with discounts being offered for quantity purchases.

Source: Birdi

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