Bird doorbells: a different sort of wireless tweet

As I've mentioned before, when I was little I always wanted a doorbell.  It's a long story.  Anyway, imagine my childlike glee at these bizarre wireless bird doorbells: press the button, and be serenaded by a whole load of tweeting, chirping and generally bird-like sounds.You just know there's a demo video after the cut

Powered by four AAA batteries in all – one for the button, three for the bird – each has a 2W speaker to make sure you can't avoid the crazed squawking.  As the sales description so memorably puts it, "Delicate smart part, makes the doorbell a saluting angel of dwelling house, work building, hotel, tire building, factory and so on, you will never miss any guest."

The lark and sparrow models are both available now, priced between $10 and $11.  I'm hoping the next range includes a great fat chicken, and maybe an emu that rams its head into your carpet whenever someone comes to the door.  As it is, we'll probably have to make do with the horse.

[via technabob]