BioWare wants your suggestions for the next Mass Effect game

We're you one of the many who were disappointed by the last 15 minutes of Mass Effect 3? Well, now's your chance to stop complaining and actually do something to make the series better. BioWare is working on a brand new Mass Effect game – we've known as much since co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced they were leaving the company – and the studio wants to know what you'd like to see in it.

"We're in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game," series boss Casey Hudson said on Twitter. "What would you want to see in it?" There are, of course, all sorts of suggestions, but a number of people are telling Hudson that they don't want the next Mass Effect game to be a prequel. Instead, they'd like to see how the universe is getting along after the war with the Reapers.

We like that idea a lot, and we also the idea of having playable races other than just human, which is a suggestion some others have made. It seems that some also want much more depth in the storytelling with many different branches and by extension many different outcomes for each story arc. That sounds like a winning idea as well, though it might sap a lot of BioWare's time to attempt something like that.

Whatever BioWare ends up doing, we know that the next Mass Effect game won't feature Commander Shepard. BioWare has been saying that Mass Effect 3 would be Shepard's last game since before the title was even released, so we should expect an all new story focusing on a brand new character. BioWare has a whole universe left to explore in the Mass Effect games, so here's hoping the studio takes advantage of that with the next installment. What would you like to see in the next Mass Effect game?

[via Eurogamer]