Bioware Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is released

For those who still haven't found their closure with Mass Effect 3, even after Bioware took the unprecedented move of creating a new ending, there's a new hope. The company has rolled out Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a lengthier edition of the previous download with more content and additional plot resolutions. Gamers have mixed reactions about the whole ordeal, but many at least appreciate Bioware doing something about it.

The Extended Cut file is available as a free download, of course, and it provides only minor additions to the new ending that fans of the game had already experiences. In addition, those who really cared about Mass Effect already got their hands on the extra content that's available in the new download. Nevertheless, Bioware hopes it is making good on its promise to rectify what was a PR nightmare that began shortly after the title first went on sale.

The general reaction seems to be that this is the ending Bioware should have included from the beginning. While you'll never have something that everyone loves, creating something that everyone hates is far more polarizing. The Extended Cut will transition into a paid download after April 2014, so there's still plenty of time to catch up even if you still haven't played the first Mass Effect.

[via Neoseeker]