BioShock players angred – 2K takes care of uninstall/reinstall issues

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 24, 2007, 12:40pm CDT

Remember those BioShock issues that I told you about the other day? Apparently they didn’t stop there. People were having difficulty actually uninstalling the game properly, so that negated their whole plan for allowing you to uninstall/reinstall the game whenever you wanted. 2K has again responded to this issue. Hit the jump for their response.

“Starting immediately, we will be upping the activation count to a 5 by 5 plan. We will be raising the maximum amount of computers a user can have BioShock installed on simultaneously from 2 to 5, and allowing a user to reinstall BioShock on each of those computers from 3 times to 5 times.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I said in my last post that they should up the limit to 5. They’ve outdone themselves and allowed the game to be installed 5 times on up to 5 different computers. Seriously, if you have to reinstall this game more than 25 times, you’ve got issues. Kudos to 2K for stepping up like this.

Calm the Fuck Down [via kotaku]

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