BioShock movie domains registered by Sony Pictures

In what seems like a long-running tease, vague hints that a BioShock movie could again be in the works has surfaced. In March, Sony Pictures registered three BioShock-related domains, two of which concern a movie — a business move that comes with no explanation.

The three domains Sony Pictures has registered are as follows:,, and Whether doing so hints at movie ambitions or is just a move to reduce the number of domains available to cyber squatters in the event of a possible future film is unknown.

A handful of years ago, Gore Verbinski, perhaps best known for directing Pirates of the Caribbean, was set to lead the game-to-film adaption of BioShock to the cinema. That movie was to be produced by Universal, which ended up nixing the project before production began.

Different information surfaced over time, with the film adaption later getting Juan Carlos Fresnadilla as director, who later left, and both high estimated costs and concerns over an anticipated R-rated adaption contributing to the halt. Hit up the timeline below for other recent BioShock news.

SOURCE: Kotaku