Bioshock Big Daddy costume is perfect for Halloween

Oh, there's nothing like what's produced when people have too much time on their hands. Take this Big Daddy costume based on the bulky characters from the Bioshock video game. On the one hand, it's nerdy but on the other, completely awesome! 

If you loved Bioshock, then why not sport this huge costume at the Halloween party this year? You'd definitely attract attention, though I have no idea how you can see out of the thing.

And it has a spinning drill! I mean, it sells itself! However, it costs $250. But, handmade costumes tend to be pretty costly on eBay. It has to do with all the time and effort it takes to make them–or something. Watch the maker of the costume sporting the Big Daddy stomp around in a backyard below:

[via CrunchGear]