Bionic hand made from Keurig Coffee Maker

I've seen enough '80s action films to have a dubious disposition on anything bionic or cybernetic. I think we can probably rest assured that a bionic arm made out of a used Keurig coffee maker won't take over the world. A YouTuber called Terminal Cornucopia has created a bionic hand almost entirely out of parts taken from a disassembled Keurig coffee maker and called the hand Hedberg. I don't know why.

The parts list includes the used K350/300 2.0 Keurig brewer, basic hand tools, and lots of time. The only parts not from the Keurig machine are adhesives used in the build and a 12v power supply. The time it took to build this completely and insanely custom bionic arm is listed as 199 hours, 56 minutes, and 36 seconds. The builder isn't precise mind you.

The video is a time lapse of the dude going through the complete process of disassembling the parts and then building the hand up from the remnants. I will say it's a bit too fast to really see what he is doing in some of the sections of the video. I see finger-like parts in there, but I have no idea where they came from. I'd rather like to know what parts of the coffee marker made specific parts of the hand.

The entire video is 4 minutes 59 seconds long and if you like DIY crafting; it's very much worth a watch. You can see it below. It looks like the plastic parts are the case of the machine and a heat gun was used to shape them correctly. This was one incredibly detailed project and the finished arm is very cool indeed. The fingers move and the finished arm has enough strength to grip and lift a water glass.