Bing Upgrades With Real-Time Twitter Feed

Microsoft announced today that its Bing search engine will begin implementing tweets into its news search results as well as integrating more with Facebook. The Bing Team feels that the addition of the social media giants will help users "make more informed decisions in search by surfacing the kind of information you can only get from your friends, often in real-time."

Bing will show all the relevant tweets related to headlines in Bing News and augment the search results you get depending on what your friends "like." Google did something similar to this last month by altering its search results based on whether certain information was shared by your friends. On Facebook you can now directly post search results from Bing on things like movies, artists, musicians, and TV shows.

Microsoft and Facebook have a pretty close relationship since 2007 when Microsoft outbid Google to invest $240 million in the social network. Bing is now the default search engine on Facebook and other deals have been struck between the two tech leaders. There will likely be more integration between Facebook and Microsoft in the near future.

[via CNET]