Bing Social Results now available on Safari for iPad

On December 11, Microsoft rolled out an update to its Bing Social Results sidebar, which displays shared content from friends based on their social networking activity. Now, three days later, the company has announced another update to Social Results: support for iPad. Now iPad users who search with Bing will get to see the same friends' activity on the right side of the search engine as desktop users.

The Social Results sidebar pulls information from the user's friends' Facebook statuses, tweets, Fourquare activity, Klout, and more. For example, searching for a specific restaurant will pull up activity from friends who shared content about that restaurant. The content could be a link to an article, a status about the restaurant's quality, or a Fourquare checking, for example.

The update is specifically for Safari for iPad/iPad mini, and is designed to display whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode. Users who want to benefit from the service need to sign in to their Facebook profile by clicking "Sign In" on Bing and authorizing the connection. If you're not seeing the social results sidebar right now, be patient; Microsoft says the update is rolling out over the course of a few days.

This comes after the announcement yesterday that Bing Desktop had been updated to version 1.1, bringing with it support for more languages, and all versions of Windows starting with XP. Using Bing Desktop, users can set their wallpaper to the latest Bing desktop image, which will change daily. The search bar allows users to pull up and view summaries of the latest top headlines, video, images, and more.

[via Bing]