Bing prototype app video leak shows improved voice functionality

A video has been posted over at MSFT Kitchen showing off what is said to be a prototype of the Bing app for Windows Phone, which was demonstrated at an employee-only Microsoft event. The event is said to have taken place earlier this month, and to have been used to show off "future technologies." The prototype Bing app features multiple improvements over the current app.

The video shows two Windows Phones side-by-side, with one running the current Bing app and one running the alleged prototype app. You can see its improvements in real time, with one of the most obvious ones being the reduction in latency when the user makes voice requests. Obviously, this hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft.

In addition to the latency improvements, there is also a decrease in the rate of word errors, and voice requests that are made in a noisy situation, such as a room where other devices are producing noise, are handled better than with the current app. You can check all this out yourself in the video below.

Near the end of the video, you'll hear someone said to be Eric Rudder of the Chief Technical Strategy Office. According to Rudder, the prototype app offers a 12-percent to 15-percent increase in word error accuracy, but goes on to say that there is another potential 10-percent to 15-percent that hasn't been implemented. There's no word on when these improvements will make their way to the public.

[via MSFT Kitchen]