Bing Maps updated with expanded transit coverage

Bing Maps has received another update, this one proving useful for commuters all over the world. Earlier this week, Microsoft added transit coverage from more than 3,000 transit agencies in several countries. With this, commuters are able to better plan out their transportation for the day, or for a special event like when on vacation or traveling for work. This includes expanded transit coverage in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and more (there's a total of 30 countries).

Says Microsoft, with this update Bing Maps can be used to browse commuting options in all the major metro areas in North America. This comprises 375 cities in the United States, as well as 59 cities in Canada (it promises to expand these numbers in the future). The transit coverage includes things like Amtrak and more regional buses and such.

Europe has also seen quite a bit of additional coverage — the United Kingdom received national coverage back in 2012, and that has continued to expand to cover Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and more. More cities in places in Europe are being added, as well.

The same sort of expansive coverage can be found in other major places in the world. Japan, for example, has national coverage, and there's coverage for transit options in mainland China, as well as all of Taiwan. Australia now has a lot of coverage, Israel has national coverage, and there's expanded options in regions in South America and Africa.