Billabong, NVIDIA, and Android Forums all affected by hacks

Yesterday Yahoo! suffered a major security breach as it saw over 400,000 passwords leak out. The group responsible for the hack claimed it was to expose the shoddy security methods employed by the company, and wasn't intended as a malicious attack. It looks like Yahoo! wasn't the only victim, as several other companies have had their databases exposed and pasted onto the internet due to similar security lapses.ZDNet reports that Phandroid suffered from a hack on its Android Forums, which exposed usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords. Its not known how many users have been affected by the hack, although the forum has over a million registered users. The administrators of the site say the exploit has been found and fixed, with the hack most likely an attempt to harvest email addresses.

Last night, Billabong and NVIDIA also suffered from hacks. Around 35,000 plaintext passwords are said to have been extracted from Billabong's database, but only 1,435 were located in a post. Like the Yahoo! hack, it looks like the hackers took advantage of a MySQL injection exploit to get at the data.

NVIDIA also shut down its Developer Zone last night after in response to a hacking attack on the website. In a statement, NVIDIA says that it shut down the site "in response to attacks on the site by unauthorized third parties who may have gained access to hashed passwords." There's no word on how many passwords were taken as a result of the hack, but unlike Billabong, all of the passwords are hashed.

[via The Next Web]