BIKI is a drone that can dive and swim but not fly

Who says all drones can do is fly and crash? While nothing in its formal definition limits it as such, drones these days have mostly been associated with unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. Robosea, however, is introducing a new kind of UAV, an unmanned aquatic vehicle. BIKI doesn't look like a helicopter but more like a fish, because that is exactly what it is. Meet the world's first bionic underwater robofish drone.

Just as quadcopters give users a unique vantage point from high above, BIKI delivers the same exciting experience from below the depths. Equipped with a 4K-capable sensor, 150-degree wide angle lens, and stabilizer, the robofish can offer users a unique perspective, be it under a swimming pool or in the sea.

But BIKI isn't just an underwater camera. It's called a robofish for a reason. It does look like a robotic fish and even acts like one. It is promised to be quiet enough that it won't spook real fish. It can dive down to a depth of 196 ft to let you see things you'd never be able to reaach unless you were a diver.

You can see through BIKI's eyes with a mobile device and control it with a smartphone or its accompanying waterproof remote. It is, however, also smart enough to avoid obstacles in its path. But like any good drone, it will follow a path you may set for it. Presuming you know the lay of the land. Or water, in this case.

BIKI is a toy, a pet, a companion, and chaperone. What it isn't is a product you can now buy in stores. You have to make a $599 pledge to get one on Kickstarter, with a promise of a shipping date in September. If and when it does become commercially available, it will retail for an expected $1,024.

VIA: Kickstarter