Bike Hanger concept lifts bikes into the sky

In many big cities around the world, one of the more common forms of travel for people that live too far to walk but don't want to take public transportation is a bicycle. The catch is that once you get to your location there are only so many places that you can put your bike while you go inside to work. You also have to worry that someone might steal your ride home too.

A new concept bike rack has surfaced called the Bike Hanger. The Bike Hanger is a concept that puts the bike rack on the side of the building allow it to hold more bikes and there are few ways better to thwart a thief than to put your bike 30 feet in the air. Manifesto Architecture designed the Bike Hanger.

The rack has more in common with the zipper at your local carnival than the bike racks out in front of my local elementary school. When the person is ready to go it appears that someone would work the Hangar to bring their bike back down. The designers don't say if the retrieval of the bike would be automated or if the user would do it themselves.

[via FastCo Design]