Big iPhone changes with iOS 14 (you can skip)

Some big iPhone software changes are in the making now with WWDC 2020 and iOS 14's big reveal for 2020. This update will be released to Public Beta in July and is out for developers in an early Beta now – and will be available to everyone by the end of the year. But if you don't want to change the way your iPhone looks, you don't need to – pretty much everything is optional.

With iOS 14, users will be able to "redesign" what they've considered an un-changing set of homescreens on their iPhone. The system used to hold and show iOS icons since the first few versions of iOS has been modified in just about as wild a way as one might hope for (for an iOS device, that is).

This is good, this is great for people that enjoy the versatility of Android but want basically everything else iOS has to offer – but what about people that don't want change? What about your elderly neighbor, your uncle, your mother?

For those users, iOS 14 won't change. Or, at least, it won't appear to change, if they do not wish it to appear to change. The changes come in flexibility – in your ability to change IF YOU WANT. As is always the case with an always-updating operating system, there's still the chance that new options could be accessed on accident, Mr. Magoo style.

But for those users worried that iOS 14 updates will change the way they NEED to interact with their iPhone, no worries! Nothing added to iOS so far this year will have any major effect on the most rudimentary smartphone users.*

*Again, this is as far as we've seen so far. And we put nothing beyond the abilities of the most "if it's going to happen to anyone, it'll happen to Jerry" sort of people. For those people – the sky is the limit!