Big ice cream and sherbet recall hits Midwestern US over illness risk

If you live in the Midwestern United States and have recently purchased ice cream or sherbet, you'll need to make sure your product isn't one of many included in a new recall from Velvet Ice Cream. The products were distributed in multiple Midwest states and sold under various brand names in addition to the 'Velvet' label.

According to Velvet Ice Cream, it has recalled all of its ice cream and sherbet products that were made on or after March 24 over the risk of Listeria contamination. These products were distributed to multiple Midwestern US states, including Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky.

In addition to the ice cream and sherbet sold under the Velvet brand, these recalled products were also sold under various other brand names like Discount Drug Mart, Buehler's Whale of a Pail, North Star, Ruggle's, and Super Dip. The products were likewise sold in various sizes, including everything from a pint up to three-gallon pails.

Velvet Ice Cream discovered the potential Listeria contamination as part of its routine testing, the company says in its recall notice. Likewise, it has not received any reports of issues related to the recalled ice cream products.

Listeria is an organism that may result in an illness in people who consume food contaminated with it. The illness has the potential to be serious and possibly deadly in vulnerable people, include young kids and the elderly. As well, the organism puts pregnant women at risk of stillbirth and miscarriage.

The full list of recalled ice cream and sherbet products, including identifying details, can be found in the recall notice on the FDA's website.