Bicycle concept changes gears using the power of your mind

I've seen several things over the years that claim to use the power of your mind to do things. For instance, OCZ once had a headband that allowed you to control a mouse cursor on your screen using your mind. I've also seen devices that let you control aspects of your smartphone using your mind and they work to some extent. A new bicycle concept has surfaced from Toyota and Parlee Cycles that also has input from a company called DeepLocal.

The concept bike uses a neuron helmet that the rider would wear allowing them to shift gears using their mind. Apparently, you can even change the direction of the bike by thinking left or right. The thought control gadgets for smartphones I have tested have been difficult to use at times. I would hate to be riding a thought control bicycle and not be able to get it to shift gears when needed.

The bike seems to interface with the special iPhone app and the iPhone is mounted to the handlebars. It looks as if you can also change gears by touching buttons on the iPhone. The bike builders say that the iPhone app allows you to show all kinds of information about the bicycle presumably including speed, gear, cadence, and a lot of other things that help improve your ride. This technology is very cool but I'm not sure many people want this with the tech just yet.