BGRMODS creates IntesaFIRE Chip for Easy Xbox 360 Controller Modding

Evan Selleck - Aug 11, 2009
BGRMODS creates IntesaFIRE Chip for Easy Xbox 360 Controller Modding

Can’t quite figure out why you’re friend shoots faster than you every time you’re playing Call of Duty or Halo? Well maybe it’s time you went to the next level, and added a quick modification to your favorite wireless Xbox 360 controller.

That’s what the guys over at BGRMODS is hoping you do, and they want you to go ahead and pop in  their easy-to-install mod chip called IntensaFIRE to help you along your way.  Unlike a lot of other mod kits found on the market, BGRMODS and President Coy Christmas aimed to provide a modification tool that wasn’t impossible to install for the average gamer. Christmas said, “We saw a need in the gaming market.  Console and accesssory modification is a large part of the gaming world. The problem was that gamers buy mod kits for their controllers only to find out they were too complex to assemble themselves. So we partnered with an engineering team to get a product to the gamers that eliminates the technical curve, and offers more than the standard mod kit does.”  If that wasn’t good enough, the IntensaFIRE chip is completely manufactured here in the States, is lead-free, and 100% recyclable.

The mod allows the player to have up to 5-sleeper modes, which include rapid-fire, as well as a programmable mode that the player can alter at will.  You even get a blue and red LED, to show you which mode you are in for no extra cost.  The IntensaFIRE chip will be available at local independent retailers beginning September 7 for $29.99

[via PR NewsWire]

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