Bezos' new media: Kindle may get own Washington Post app

If Amazon Jeff Bezos has his way, you'll be ensconced in his media empire soon enough. A new report suggests The Washington Post, which Bezos recently purchased, will make a home on the Amazon Kindle. Via a proprietary app, the printed word will come to the best eReading platform around.

On the larger Amazon Kindle — the one(s) with the 8.9-inch screen — expected to launch this Fall, The Washington Post app is said to be bundled in with Amazon's other proprietary stuff. The app will also be more magazine than a scrolling page, and exclusive to the larger tablet format for now.

A free app, you'll still have to pay a monthly subscription to use it — or at least features of it. It's not clear if there will be a daily, weekly, or monthly article limit.

The app, tentatively named "Project Rainbow", sounds like more of a project than a set-in-stone feature for the new Kindle. It could help to spurn a new day for The Washington Post, who just hired a bevy of new writers.

Beyond linking to articles from The Post, it's not clear if there will be any exclusive content for the Kindle app. Even if there isn't, slapping it on a tablet that reaches a wider audience than The Washington Post now does is a bright move on Bezos' part.

Source: Bloomberg