Beyond Meat's plant-based 'chicken' tenders are heading to grocery stores

Beyond Meat has announced plans to release its plant-based 'chicken' tenders in grocery stores across the US. The announcement comes seemingly in lockstep with competitor Impossible Foods, which plans to release its own plant-based chicken nuggets through retailers in the near future. As you'd expect, the chicken tenders won't actually include any chicken meat.

Beyond Meat first announced the arrival of its plant-based Chicken Tenders product at restaurants in early July; in an update today, September 27, the company revealed that it is also bringing the product to big retailers in the US. The Beyond Chicken Tenders will be available across the US at 'select' grocery stores starting next month.

Beyond Meat says its Chicken Tenders will be priced at $4.99, offering consumers a chicken-like experience in a vegetarian package. Like the company's other products, Beyond Chicken Tenders are made from plant-based oils and protein, mimicking the crispy treat without using any animal-based products.

Beyond Chicken Tenders joins the company's other plant-based chicken products, including its Original Orange Chicken offered at Panda Express, Meat Nuggets that were offered at many A&W Canada restaurants, and Beyond Fried Chicken, which was created for chicken joint KFC. The company also offers sausage-like and burger products based on plant protein.

In addition to its Chicken Tenders announcement, Beyond Meat said that Walmart also plans to expand how many of its stores offer its plant-based Breakfast Sausage Spicy Patties and Breakfast Sausage Classic Patties. Beyond Meatballs and Beyond Beef Crumbles will also be available at more stores in the near future.