Beyond Meat's 'meatier' plant burgers can be tenderized like beef

California company Beyond Meat has announced its intention to launch a 'meatier' version of its plant-based burger in stores throughout the United States. The news arrives amid Nestle's own plan to launch a plant-based 'beef' patty product called Awesome Burger and Impossible Burger's arrival on the Burger King menu.

Though 'veggie burgers' have been available for years, the new crop of plant-based burgers are quite different, promising a realistic texture and flavor that mimics beef. Impossible Burger is arguably the best known of the bunch thanks, in part, to its 'bleeding' plant-based burgers. The company's products have enjoyed increasing visibility on restaurant menus.

In recent weeks, Nestle announced intentions to launch its own plant-based burger called the Awesome Burger, and now competitor Beyond Meat has its own announcement: the 'MEATIER Beyond Burger.' According to the company, the new version of its burger has marbling that melts when cooked, and it can be tenderized like real meat.

The 'MEATIER' version of the product sources its protein from peas rather than soy, and is described as having a 'neutral flavor and aroma.' Each patty contains 20 grams of protein, lacks gluten and GMOs, and is said to otherwise include everything consumers liked about the original version of the burger.

Beyond Meat anticipates the new Beyond Burger arriving in grocery stores across the United States over the next two to three weeks. The product will be found in the stores' meat cases alongside beef and competing plant-based 'meat' products. The company says consumers will be able to distinguish the new product from the original via a red 'MEATIER' tab on the packaging.