Bevy lets you create a private network for sharing pics, videos

Nate Swanner - Feb 19, 2015, 3:21pm CST
Bevy lets you create a private network for sharing pics, videos

Your family is probably spread out over a city, or state — possibly even a country, or continents. Sharing pics is easy via mediums like Facebook, but those avenues don’t lend themselves to private sharing in a straightforward way. There might even be some who aren’t comfortable uploading pics to a source they don’t own and control, which is where Bevy comes into play. Via an app and dedicated storage container, you and your family (or friends, or colleagues) can share pictures privately.

The idea behind Bevy is pretty simple. An app makes a home on your smartphone (iOS already — Android coming), and you can choose to share all your pics to Bevy, or just some.

At home, a 1TB drive pulls from the app, so your photos and videos stay locally stored, but also private to whoever you allow access to. All you have to do is connect Bevy to your home network, and away you go.

Bevy also has ports for bringing in content from computers or standalone cameras. You can back your photos up in the cloud, or keep them stored locally (or both). Photos can be accessed via the app, so you can check in and see who’s been posting what from anywhere. You can even hook it up to your TV for home movies.

For $249 (pre-order; Bevy is expected to ship in October), it’s not a bad concept. It saves the trouble of a monthly or yearly cloud storage cost, and creates a private network anyone can use.

Source: Bevy

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