Beverly Hills 90210 limited edition iPod

Alright, so the series of the iPods engraved with The Simpsons, that was badass.  This however, is just sad and a bit late I might add.  Seriously, 90210, are you kidding me?!

It's limited edition and everything, which is probably best.  No one wants too many of these roaming about the earth.  You can also get a cheesy little message engraved below the image.

That phrase can be up to 30 characters long.  There will only be 2,000 of these that will go up for sale, so you'll have to rush out now to pick one up.  There will be a 4GB Nano for $219 and an 8GB for $269.  You can also get a hold of CSI and Survivor versions as well.

[via slipperybrick]