Better than signing your name in the snow-Wacom Xpee

I know most guys at one point or another has either thought about it or has in fact attempted to sign his name in the snow. Why not go one step further and create a urinal that you can create your own art while peeing? Of course not with your hands...but with your pee.

People have created all kinds of crazy urinals, having worked at a gas station before, I happen to understand why. Buying one of those fancy urinals means the floor and other areas are much cleaner. It would seem the boys with poor aim pay more attention with all the pretty urinals. If you've every cleaned a public bathroom you know what I mean. It would seem they have used the Wacom Tablet.

However, I do have some sad news; there is no real way to confirm that this urinal is real. However if you want to look at more hilarious urinals you should check out the urinal hall-of-fame, it's great for a good laugh.

Wacom Xpee: Urinating is an art form [via Gearlog]