Better Energy Systems announces expansion of "tread" line

As all things green become more and more mainstream, Better Energy Systems have announced an expansion to their tread line, which features cases and bags for tech products made from a super-material concocted out of South American truck tires.

BES is currently best known for their Solio Hybrid Solar Charger cases. However, they are adding several new cases to the mix including an iPhone case called the tread: Flippy, which costs $29.95; a smartphone case called the tread: Uni, which costs $24.95; a digital camera case called the tread: Campouch, which costs $34.95; a 15" MacBook Pro case called the tread: Transient Attache, which costs $199.95; and a MacBook Pro sleeve called the tread: Sleeve, which costs $129.95.

The tread line is resistant to scratches and is extremely durable. It can also stand up to UV light, mold and is super easy to clean. You can also feel good that you are doing your part for the environment by purchasing these cases, as the butyl rubber used to make them would have otherwise been burned, releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere.