Bethesda's Skyrim on PS3 still buggy after patch

PS3 gamers who have been playing through the latest Elder Scrolls epic, Skyrim, had been complaining of lag issues for months, and Bethesda finally released a patch this this month. Players have been rejoicing that the fix has indeed solved the game-crippling lag problems, but other glitches unfortunately still remain.

On the official Bethesda forums, players are now concerned with the game's framerate. "After all the wait skyrim ps3 is still inferior. The fps is a bit better though but frames still drop in certain areas," one player wrote. Among the other complaints are that the game still occasionally freezes with no warning, forcing players to restart from their last save point.

The lag had been attributed to the fact that as players progressed through the game, their save files grew larger and larger until they became so big that it caused the game to be overwhelmed and unable to process the large data in real time. Neither the Xbox 360 nor the PC version of Skyrim seemed to suffer from any sort of similar problem. The patch reportedly addressed the PS3 issue, along with other optimization issues, but apparently it didn't do quite enough. Hopefully Bethesda will respond in a future update, but for now at least the game is playable.

[via NowGamer]