Bethesda's Skyrim on PS3 finally gets patch

After months of agony, PS3 gamers are now finally able to download a patch for the newest Elder Scrolls game that promises to fix what was a monumental lag glitch. The problem revolved around the save file, which got bigger and bigger as players progressed deeper into the game. As a result, the more time you put into Skyrim, the more frustrating you'd get. Now, though, it seems whatever was causing that problem has been taken care of.

The crippling file size bug seemed to really only affect PS3 users, and had absolutely no impact on PC gamers. Bethesda released a patch to the PC version last month, but because consoles require an entire certification and scheduling process before any game-related file can be pushed out to users, PS3 owners were forced to just wait and wait. And now, the wait is over. According to gamer reactions, the new patch does the job just fine.

Bethesda recommends that after downloading the patch, players should go into the game and manually save their progress to overwrite the glitchy save file. Players should immediately notice the new save file has a smaller file size. Then, if you quit the game and go back in to your new save file, which will still contain all the progress from your old save file, the game should run much more smoothly. For PS3 Skyrims fans, the only words that fit in this situation are "it's about time."