Best PSP mod ever adds LEDs, cam, joystick

I have a couple PSPs around my house that have been here for a long time. They never get played because they just aren't that fun. My son plays the Nintendo DS and leaves the PSP collecting dust in the junk drawer. A new PSP mod has added some much needed cool to the PSP with a camera, joystick, LED lights, and a lot more.

The mod began with a stock PSP Slim 2000 and added an extra joystick, 32GB of flash storage, and a second charge port. The guy also added a camera along with an emulator for games. The hack required a custom firmware for the emulator for retro games.

Maybe Sony can take some inspiration from this guy. I think we can all agree that the PSP Go is far from what we were hoping with the next PSP update. I wonder how long this mod took the dude.