Big Pokemon GO League changes mean 'Great League' top 10 just got weird

Another massive switch was clicked overnight, bringing Pokemon GO Battle League into fruition here on July 28, 2020. This update jacked up several key moves in the Go Battle League Season 3 meta, including such oddities as Blizzard, Powder Snow, Infestation, Hex, Drill Peck, and Brave Bird, to name a few. Changes made to the game gave the new Pokemon GO League Season 3 best Pokemon list a real jolt – the new best Pokemon in the league is Azumarill!

A few move changes

Changed with the latest update to Pokemon GO were moves that you might not expect. Two Ice moves, two Flying moves, and one each of the following: Bug, Ghost, Fighting, Metal, and Fairy type moves were modified.

• Blizzard (Ice Move) was 140 damage, now 150 (PvP)

• Powder Snow (Ice Move) was 4 damage, now 5 (PvP)

• Infestation (Bug Move) was +11 energy, now +12 (PvP)

• Hex (Ghost Move) was +11 energy, now +12 (PvP) (15 to 16 PvE)

• Drill Peck (Flying Move) was 60 damage, now 65 (PvP and PvE)

• Brave Bird (Flying Move) was 90 damage, now 130! (PvP and PvE) This move also has a new buff for PvP: -3 self-defense (100% chance)

• Focus Blast (Fighting Move) was 150 damage, now 140 (PvP)

• Flash Cannon (Metal Move) was -65 energy, now -70 (PvP)

• Moonblast (Fairy Move) buff (Opponent -1 Attack) 30% chance is now 10% chance (PvP)

The best Pokemon for PvP

According to the ultimate play-testing mathematics-based source for Pokemon GO battles in the world, PVPoke, we've got a brand new list of best Pokemon for the Pokemon GO League in this most modern landscape! At the very top of this list is none other than the egg-shaped blue balloon Azumarill!

OF NOTE: This is a snapshot of the Great League top 24, specifically. At the top of the list for Ultra League is Cresselia with Psycho Cut, Future Sight, Moonblast, then Giratina (Altered) with Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Shadow Sneak. The top-of-list for Master League is Groudon with Mud Show, Earthquake, Fire Punch, then Giratina (Origin) with Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind... basically you start dealing with the biggest and the baddest (most obviously giant) Pokemon in the game.

It's really in the Great League that you're going to want to battle for the most competitive action, especially when it comes to Pokemon that don't appear outside the most demanding raids.

New guaranteed encounters

If you're Rank 1, you've got a Pigeot to look forward to in new Guaranteed Encounters in the GO Battle League. Rank 4 will nab you a Galarian Zigzagoon, and Rank 7 will deliver a Galarian Farfetch'd. If you get to Rank 8, you'll see a Rufflet, and Rank 9 will get you the always weird Scraggy!

This most updated iteration of Pokemon GO Battle League will deliver unto you the most epic Pokemon in the world for achieving the top rank, rank 10, this season. Your reward shall be no less than Pikachu Libre!

Rank 10 will also unlock Greens Pose (Pose 22) and Greens Clothing. That includes khakis, zip-up fancy boots, and a zip up black jacket with white collars and belly fringe.