Best Buy unveils Rocketfish RF-WHD100 WirelessHD Adapter

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Getting a HD signal from your DVR to your TV if its wall mounted can be a challenge. Getting the signal from your DVR to a projector mounted on the ceiling is an even bigger challenge. Best Buy has unveiled a new wireless HD kit from its Rocketfish store brand.

The kit is called the Rocketfish Adapter with WirelessHD Technology. The kit eliminates the need to run a wire between your DVR and HDTV or other components. The system uses the 60GHz radio band and supports full 1080p 60 fps HD content.

The wireless range is 10 meters and the adapter supports Deep Color, 7.1 surround sound, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Audio. The kit includes the wireless HD transmitter and receiver, a pair of 4-foot HDMI cables, two AC adapters, and a pair of mounting brackets. The biggest issues with this kit is the price, it sells for $599.99.