Best Buy Playbook 2.0 ad in Canada mentions Kindle, Twitter apps

We know that Research in Motion's update to the Playbook operating system is due out on February 21, but we're still a little unclear on what exactly that update will bring with it. According to a new teaser pages on the Canadian version of retailer Best Buy's website, at least part of the new update will be the addition of new apps – apps that arguably should have made their way to the Playbook ages ago.

According to the copy on the newly minted Playbook 2.0 page, there will be dedicated Twitter and Kindle apps for the Blackberry tablet. As anyone who has been following the Playbook will know, it was supposed to get a Kindle app a long time ago but Amazon never released one. In addition, there is no Playbook-optimized Twitter app. The app that exists now is nothing but a shortcut to open the Playbook's Web browser to

That is exactly what the Playbook's Facebook "app" did for a while – it just opened up the mobile Facebook website. But the social network finally got around to launching a dedicated Playbook app. This all highlights exactly why the Playbook hasn't gotten more traction; simple things that mobile users expect like a Facebook app just haven't been available. Playbook 2.0 is sure to bring with it a lot of major updates. At least we hope it does. These apps are just part of what we can hopefully expect when the update goes live next week.


[via BerryReview]