Best Buy plans Samsung Stores in time for GALAXY S 4 launch

Shane McGlaun - Mar 29, 2013
Best Buy plans Samsung Stores in time for GALAXY S 4 launch

One of the biggest launches of the year in the Android smartphone market will be the launch of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 smartphone. Best Buy is already gearing up for the launch of the new GALAXY device and will be adding special Samsung sections to their mobile department. The Samsung section of the mobile store isn’t the only dedicated and branded section in many Best Buy locations around the country.

Best Buy already has a dedicated Apple section in its computer department. The dedicated Apple section is set apart from the rest of computers and looks a lot like it came directly from the Apple Store. The special Samsung section of the mobile store will be rolled out in high-traffic Best Buy locations around the country first. Reports indicate that these high-traffic stores will be told to remove two isles next to their mobile department and prepare to install new Samsung sections.

The sections will reportedly feature large Samsung signage and custom demo stations offering access to many of Samsung’s products. Stores that get these new Samsung sections will be holding special training sessions for employees of the mobile department that focus heavily on being able to show consumers the Samsung specific features of the company’s devices. Reports indicate that the GALAXY S 4 will be the star of these Samsung sections, but multiple products from Samsung will be on display.

Reports indicate that later this year another round of redesigns will come to other Best Buy stores. Ultimately, all Best Buy locations will have their own Samsung section in the store. I’m wondering what products the new Samsung section in the stores will replace. My local Best Buy location has video games directly behind the mobile store. I’d hate to find out that Best Buy will be reducing the number of games it stocks in order to get more Samsung devices into the store. The selection of PC games at Best Buy is already incredibly poor.


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