Best Buy offers Insignia GPS child tracking solution

Best Buy has a store brand called Insignia that includes a full line of products that run a wide range of offerings from GPS to home theater gear. A new Insignia product has tipped up that allows parents to keep an eye on children and could be used by employers to keep an eye on workers as well called the Insignia Little Buddy.

The product is listed on the Best Buy website now as backordered with a note that it could ship in a week or so. The device apparently charges from USB and is designed to slip into a backpack or a purse. A website allows you to keep track of kids in real-time. The software will apparently let you track if the kids are in the place they are supposed to be based on the day of the week or another schedule.

Details about the Little Buddy are lacking right now so we don't know what kind of GPS internals the device uses, what GPS provider the mapping service online will be through nor do we know exactly how much the service will cost on a monthly basis. The Little Buddy tracker itself will sell for about $100. This thing would also make a good vehicle tracking solution if you connect it to a DC charger.